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Our Founder, Dr. Novick is a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a professor of international child health. Leading medical teams to treat children with heart disease for more than 20 years; his passion for changing lives and providing hope for families inspires and motivates.

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Latest from Novick Cardiac Alliance


Dr Novick interview with BBC World Service

Dr Novick was recently interviewed by the BBC World Service about our work in Libya, watch this video and see the impact you can make if you continue to support us.

The Hardest ‘Yes’ of Ramadan’s Life

The Hardest ‘Yes’ of Ramadan’s Life

A terrified, skinny boy arrived at the hospital. The cardiologist from Benghazi is looked at his heart, recommending urgent surgery.  “Ramadan, will you let them operate on you?” The 14 year-old has heard this question again and again for the past seven years. “Will you accept?” His answer is always the same: “No.” Fatherless and culturally an…

Help Ecuador!

Help Ecuador!

  The recent earthquake in Ecuador has devastated the country, the death toll rises each day and thousands of people are injured and homeless. We at Cardiac Alliance want to extend our sympathy and support to our friends and colleagues who are working to alleviate the suffering caused by this tragedy. As aid pours into…

Before & After: Taleen’s Surgery Made All The Difference!

Before & After: Taleen’s Surgery Made All The Difference!

Every year in Libya, an estimated 400 – 600 babies are born whose tiny little hearts need medical care—and often surgery—within the first year of life. Babies just like Taleen. Precision is vital in any heart surgery. But when the patient is a baby, the stakes are even higher… and the margin of error slimmer.…

No Boys’ Club—Meet The Strong Libyan Doctors We’re Training

No Boys’ Club—Meet The Strong Libyan Doctors We’re Training

Dr. Wejdan is one of the incredible Libyan surgeons we are helping train in Libya.  When she was just 5 years old, she told her mother she wanted to be a heart surgeon someday. Her mother had no idea that her daughter even knew what a surgeon was! Dr. Rasmia didn’t intend to become a doctor: “My teacher in…

3 Kids In The ICU: Same Surgery, VERY Different Needs

As soon as Muttah woke up after his heart surgery, he squawked from morning till night. He repeated the same motion over and over, throwing his little hands over his head, then back down to his sides. Over and over, for hours at a time. If Muttah wasn’t sleeping or eating he was squawking and…