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Our Founder, Dr. Novick is a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a professor of international child health. Leading medical teams to treat children with heart disease for more than 20 years; his passion for changing lives and providing hope for families inspires and motivates.

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Latest from Novick Cardiac Alliance


Salima and the Complexities of Down Syndrome Babies

Salima and the Complexities of Down Syndrome Babies

The large room was lined with beds, each a home-base for a mother and her child as their waited their turn to have surgery and graduate out of the ICU. Mothers whiled away their time talking and fussing over their babies. I made my way to Salima’s bed, and sat on the edge beside her…



“Where does the blood flow come from? And where does it go?” Dr. Rodriguez paused a moment before repeating “Where does the blood come from, and where does it go?” Dr. Rodriguez was talking as much to himself as he was to the local cardiologists beside him. He carefully studied the illuminated echocardiogram screen, then…

Meet Seraj

Meet Seraj

Things I can tell you about Seraj, at 2 years old: He likes to sleep sideways in bed. He loves his mom like crazy, and missed her so much when she wasn’t beside his bed he called out to her “Mama! Mama!”, and tried to escape his bed to go find her every chance he…

Setting the Scene—What Goes Into Prepping A Hospital for Surgery

In the Hollywood version of surgical scenes, a surgeon bursts into the operating room using his hip to push open swinging doors. His scrub cap and face mask are already in place, and his freshly scrubbed hands and forearms are held high in the air to keep them sterile. He enters a busy, equipped operating…

Two Parts Engineer, One Part Macgyver—The Biomedical Engineer

Two Parts Engineer, One Part Macgyver—The Biomedical Engineer

The bright operating room lights were trained on the precise place where the repair needed to be made. It was a delicate operation—getting to the heart of the problem. But the “patient” in this case wasn’t a Libyan child—it was the anesthesia machine, and things weren’t looking good. And without an anaesthesia machine—no surgery. When…

Dr Novick interview with BBC World Service

Dr Novick interview with BBC World Service

Dr Novick was recently interviewed by the BBC World Service about our work in Libya, watch this video and see the impact you can make if you continue to support us.