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Ukraine Welcome Message

Ukraine Welcome Message

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford

Perhaps challenges are sent by the Lord in order that we can check ourselves and truly appreciate those people who are close to us. We realize this so clear now in Ukraine as never before. So, I was extremely proud to be present at the birth of a new foundation – William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance.

Kharkiv Pediatric Heart Surgery team very welcomes the renovated, but very native Bill Novick’s team – the team of high professionals, nice people and our dear friends.

Winston Churchill said: “The only way a man can remain consistent amid changing circumstances is to change with them while preserving the same dominating purpose.” Our purpose is saving children’s lives. Go together toward our goal!

Dr. Igor Polivenok
Chief the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Emergency Cardiology

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Medical Volunteer – Jo Dyer

Medical Volunteer – Jo Dyer

My first trip was to China in 2004.  I was looking for a new challenge and for an opportunity to travel to some interesting destinations.  And, obviously, I was keen to share my knowledge and skills with those in developing countries.

I applied to work with Dr. Novick because of the ethos of the charity. The strong focus on education and sustainability, and the drive to move towards independence for the medical teams that they work with, appealed to me.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how much I would gain from volunteering, how much I would develop as a clinician as a result of working with the local nurses.  I’m pretty sure I’ve gained more than I’ve given!

This is the most challenging work I have done but it has huge rewards.  Seeing the dedication of the local teams and their enthusiasm to learn and develop makes you want to make repeat trips. It’s not all work though and I’ve made some great friends and had a lot of fun too.

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Pakistan Welcome Letter

Pakistan Welcome Letter

On behalf of Paediatric Cardiac services in the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology and National Institute of Heart Disease, (AFIC) Rawalpindi Pakistan we welcome the launch of the William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance.

The names of Dr Novick (Proff. Bill) Stacey, Frank, Martina and the rest of the team members are held in great respect here- beyond any measure. They brought a revolution with them when they came to help us improve our paediatric cardiac service. With their help we have increased our number of surgeries from 70 to 700 per year, enhanced our ability to manage complex diseases, and improved the patient outcomes significantly.

The contribution of the Novick team was not only in giving us technical skills but by allying with our team they helped us to build a team with high individual, professional and ethical values that is able to provide care to children at an international standard and quality. We at AFIC consider ourselves part of the William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance and look forward to many years of continued collaboration and friendship.

Brigadeer Iftikhar Ahmed
Head of Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, AFIC/NIHD

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Iraq Letter

Iraq Letter

Actually it’s more difficult how to express about my feeling regarding Professor W Novick , but I am well remembered that the 1st meeting with him when I spoke  about the large number of sick kids, his eyes sunk in tears.

He is a noble man he distributes loving for all children, in the hall of operations he deals with the heart as a musician to their instrument. Novick still working with us for a childhood disease-free and not for money, this mission in his life. My pray long life and spread all over the world .

Dr Aqeel Mindel
Chief of cardiac surgical department, Nasiriyah Heart Centre

Nasiriyah, Iraq

Croatia Welcome Letter

Croatia Welcome Letter

Hi Dr Novick!

I would be honored to have opportunity to participate in your new program as I did during all these years in ICHF. You have all my support, just let me know when you need me!

Sincerely yours

Višnja Ivančan
Cardiac Anesthetist

Rebro Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. William Novick MD MS

Dr. William Novick MD MS

Medical Director: CEO Senior Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgeon

Dr Novick is a graduate of University of Alabama School of Medicine and completed his General Surgical Residency at the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania before entering the Cardiothoracic Residency at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He completed the cardiothoracic program and remained for 2 years as Congenital Cardiac Fellow.

After 2 years as the sole pediatric cardiac surgeon at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children he joined the faculty at the University of Tennessee as a pediatric cardiac surgeon where he was made the Paul Nemir Professor of Surgery and International Child Health in 1999.

In 1993 Dr Novick Founded and then lead the International Children’s Heart Foundation until October 2014 when he resigned to create the Novick Cardiac Alliance. Dr Novick is a member of the STS, EACTS, STSA, WSPCHS and serves on the Executive Committee of the IQIC.

He has authored multiple papers on congenital heart disease, contributed to several books on pediatric heart disease, intensive care and thoracic trauma, as well as co-authored “Healing the Heart of Croatia”.

Dr Novick lives in Memphis with his wife Elizabeth and two sons, Nicholas and Jackson, his older children are enrolled in University of Alabama (Celena), University of Alabama-Birmingham (Bryant) and his oldest is an artist living in Birmingham (Alessandra).

Elizabeth Novick; BSN, RN

Elizabeth Novick; BSN, RN

Social Media, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Elizabeth Novick is married to Founder, William Novick. She worked as a pediatric cardiac intensive care unit nurse for 15 years in the United States and in the developing world.

Dr. Novick and Elizabeth have 2 children together. Elizabeth is a full time Mother and manages the social media exposure for The William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance.

Sri O. Rao MD

Pediatric Cardiologist, Interventional Cardiology Development Coordinator, Secretary Board Of Directors

Sri became involved with international medical work during his pediatric residency in New York City. This continued throughout his pediatric cardiology fellowship where he first worked with Dr. Novick at the International Childrens Heart Foundation in 2004.This collaboration is now under the auspices of the Novick Cardiac Alliance.
Sri volunteers with the Novick Cardiac Alliance to develop cardiology and cardiac catheterization services. He presently works at the Alaska Children’s Heart Center in Anchorage, Alaska and has an on-going professional affiliation with the University of California in San Francisco, USA.
Sri’s interests are in the development of sustainable congenital cardiology care systems especially as they relate to cost-effective strategies for cardiac catheterization laboratories in developing countries.

Stacey Marr; MSc, RN, NP

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Stacey initially qualified as a nurse in 1994 and has since completed a higher diploma in Children’s Nursing, a BSc in Paediatric intensive care (PICU) and finally an MSc in Strategic Leadership and Clinical Expertise.

Stacey is a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner specialising in PICU and Transport. In the 14 years that Stacey has worked in PICU she has worked in Great Ormond Sreet Children’s Hospital, the Evelina London Children’s Hospital and has dedicated much of her time to working on projects in the developing world.

Stacey first worked with Dr Novick at the International Children’s Heart Foundation in 2005 in Pakistan and has since worked in more than 12 countries with Dr Novick and colleagues.

She has worked with the Novick Cardiac Alliance since its inception and is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health.

Brian C Forsberg MPH CCP FPP

Chief Perfusionist

Brian is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Perfusion Technology (2005) and The University of Oklahoma with a Master of Public Health (2010).

Brian is board certified in Cardiovascular Perfusion by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (2006) and has received Fellowship in Pediatric Perfusion from American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (2014).

Mr. Forsberg has been a practicing pediatric perfusionist in Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida since 2006.  He was most recently the Assistant Program Director for Barry University Cardiovascular Perfusion Program, Miami, FL before assuming a full-time clinical position with Comprehensive Care Services.

Professional memberships include; Florida Perfusion Society (Board Member), American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion, American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (Perfusion Without Borders Committee Member), and American Public Health Association.

He first volunteered with Dr Novick at the International Children’s Heart Foundation in 2010 and since then has volunteered on many surgical missions as well as leading the perfusion service for the organization. He has been with the Novick Cardiac Alliance since its inception.

Research interests include, international perfusion education, modified ultrafiltration, pediatric perfusion, and public health.