Macedonia welcomes Cardiac Alliance

Macedonia welcomes Cardiac Alliance

Hope is the best medicine

Keep going forward, giving a hope to children who need you most and giving them a chance for a new lives and new beginnings. Recognizing to the world, that impossible is possible with you guys and your strong dedication to what you are doing.

Finally, I do think that the name of the foundation is matching the mission, with this special man at first, as a stamp of all previous visions and future actions. Prof. William Novick, I am proud to met you and to have an opportunity to learn from you and to every single member of your team.

Proud to refer to all you guys as a “colleague”. Your workforce really gets stronger and stronger with every passing day. For all you do, for who you are, the world will be forever grateful.

So, my Alliance, keep moving but still stay together!

Dr. Vladimir Chadikovski
University Clinic for Pediatric Surgery, Skopje R. Macedonia

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Novick Cardiac Alliance is committed to bringing sustainable health care solutions to children with cardiac disease in Low and Middle Income countries.

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