Volunteer- Bubbles

Volunteer- Bubbles

Child with bubblesPeople often ask us at Cardiac Alliance what we like about our work. Our answers are many and varied- we love teaching and sharing our skills; working with children and helping to change their lives; working with families and sharing our hope for a better future and of course.. BUBBLES! Amongst the high ideals that we strive for and the high technology equipment we work with we use bubbles everyday.

They are a way to improve the lung function of the children we work with and keep them off the ventilator but they are also a way for our team to communicate with the children when we don’t speak their language. Fun, compassion and bubbles don’t need words but they can speak volumes. The children we look after need your expertise and time- Come volunteer with us- we have lots of work to do!

Nurse and child with BubblesBaby looking at bubbles

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