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Our Founder, Dr. Novick is a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a professor of international child health. Leading medical teams to treat children with heart disease for more than 20 years; his passion for changing lives and providing hope for families inspires and motivates.

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6pm in the ICU

6pm in the ICU

Libya. Wednesday, 5:57 pm. ICU. We’ve dimmed most of the lights, so the patients can sleep more easily. Sleep is valuable medicine. Rouana’s mom sits beside her, gently cleaning tape scum off of her face with a damp piece of gauze, then feeding her a bottle. She talks in a soft voice, tipping her head…

We Love this boy! Meet Ali Eimad

We Love this boy! Meet Ali Eimad

Ali is getting so big! We met Ali for the first time last November, when he received heart surgery near his home in Libya. Ali had a rough recovery. He was so sick, there were days we wondered if he’d survive But Ali did survive, and he continues to grow. One of the bonuses of…

The Importance of Time

There is a bed in the ICU that has developed a special function over the last few surgical missions. It’s tucked in the back corner and quiet—it’s for resting and growing. It’s a bit like a greenhouse nursery for healing babies. Open heart surgery can be traumatic for little bodies. We see some children bounce…

For Libyans, Is a Tiny Boat In A Huge Ocean the Only Way To Get Care?

“Unable to get specialist care for his six year-old daughter in Libya or a visa for treatment abroad, Abdulhakim Shaybi bought a motor boat and set off with her last month across the Mediterranean. Two and a half hours into their journey from Sabratha in western Libya, they reached a European ship deployed to rescue…

Meet Mayar, the Girl With the Fancy Hair

Meet Mayar, the Girl With the Fancy Hair

For the longest time, we just knew Mayar as the girl with the fancy hair. With long hours to spend in the ward waiting for her shot at heart surgery, her mother had lots of time to sit on the edge of the hospital bed, brushing out Mayar’s hair, and creating endless combinations of braids…

Saleh’s Journey In Five Photos

Saleh’s Journey In Five Photos

Saleh before surgery, happy to be in his father’s arms. Saleh, the morning after his open heart surgery: sitting up straight in bed, demanding water. Yelling, actually. At the end of his bed: a stash of treasures his parents brought, including packs of stickers, two plastic horns, a kaleidoscope, and a yoyo. Already played with…