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We’re changing the way the world cares for children with congenital heart disease.

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Statement Of Purpose

Novick Cardiac Alliance is committed to bringing sustainable health care solutions to children with cardiac disease in Low and Middle Income countries.

We are dedicated to improving the skills, knowledge, technology, and experience of local health-care providers in regions of the world without access to quality Pediatric Cardiac Care. We aim to provide comprehensive care to all children with congenital or acquired heart disease regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, political ideation, genetic factors, or economic means. Our vision is that in the future all children with heart disease, no matter where they are born, will be able to receive the medical and surgical care they require to live a long and healthy life.

Join us in making that vision happen as a medical volunteer or support through donation.

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Our Story: Big Hearts & Little Hearts

It started with Dr. Bill Novick in 1993. Bill saw disparity in heart health between kids in lower income countries and kids in the USA. And he didn’t like what he saw.

Too many children were dying – and Bill knew many more could be saved. But he also knew he needed a team to make it happen.

So he recruited some of the best clinicians in pediatric care who shared his passion to eradicate congenital heart disease in low to middle income countries.

In 2014 they undertook their first mission as Novick Cardiac Alliance. 10,000 hearts later they’re still going, training teams in other countries to deliver world-class heart health care to every child.