What We Do

What We Do

There are four core principles at the heart of all our work, wherever it occurs.


We Collaborate with Governments, Health Ministries, healthcare professionals and Humanitarian Organisations to provide total cardiac care to children in developing countries. The children we serve have limited access to quality care and the families lack the financial resources to seek care elsewhere. This collaboration will enable local health-care authorities to build Pediatric Cardiac care services in country and in time eliminate the need to send these children abroad for surgery.


We educate Local health-care professionals and work with their educational institutions to improve the standard of training and hence care provided to children with Heart disease. Our education model is open and flexible and is delivered using multiple modalities. We work with each site individually to find the best template for education and development of clinical judgement. We provide clinical bedside teaching, didactic lectures and ad hoc teaching sessions on site: and encourage the use of internet based resources and access to international academic journals. We are currently in the process of building a virtual learning environment using “Moodle” ™ as the platform.


We facilitate practical and affordable solutions to a variety of clinical, technical and patient problems, which are unique to the sites we work in. First world approaches are often unaffordable or inappropriate to the needs of our partner sites. Surgical, Interventional Catheter and ICU techniques are tailored and modified to adress the needs of the population we serve. Many of the children we see are much older than would typically be seen in developed countries and consequently the medical and surgical options for these children are very different. Many of these innovations emerge from professionals at our partner sites themselves, and we encourage presentation and publication of such in conferences and journals.


Our goal is that of our partner site’s – to develop full independence over time and to operate on and care for the children with a home grown team of experts and no continuing need for direct outside assistance. We monitor the quality and effect of our assistance, and tailor our teams size and skill set accordingly. We commit to maintaining professional relationships with those hospitals and personnel well into the future and focus on areas such as academic work, conference attendance and occasional short visits. We have seen that a significant proportion of volunteers and core staff on our teams enthusiastically emerge from previously assisted sites.